Heaven On Earth is a destination shop located in the rural northern half
of Wabash County,  When you arrive you will be greeted by friendly staff
that is here to help with your needs.  Heaven on Earth has been in business
since  May of 1996.  Our main purpose is to provide personal service and
inspiration from the many fabric lines and patterns we carry.


Moda Block Shuffle

Moda Sampler Block Shuffle
Shuffle (Shuhf-uh) To move an object or objects this way and that;
to jumble together,  mix or interchange the positions of objects.
Beginning November 1, 2015 and ending the week of January 4, 2016, Moda will provide    2  - 3 blocks each week with tips and teaching tools.

You may get your blocks one of 3 ways. All odd numbered blocks will be on here ( each week by Friday at 5 p.m.) and all even numbered blocks will be at www.colorsgonewild.com
Moda Sampler Block Shuffle
                Block 1
 Moda Sampler Block Shuffle
                 Block 3
 Moda Sampler Block Shuffle
                Block 5
   Moda Sampler Block Shuffle
            Block 7
Moda Sampler Block Shuffle
            Block 9
Moda Sampler Block Shuffle
           Block 11
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