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Road Construction Progress

Hello Fellow Stitchers
What a great day!!! Beautiful weather and some special ladies came to visit to take care of their need to stitch. Pretty sure they all went home satisfied.
A quick note about the progress on the road.
First I am so thankful for those of you that have traveled my way to help support us during this trying time. Until recently it was only a barricade or a trip around the block.

Last week things got a little more aggressive. Progress is moving quickly. There is an end coming in the next 2 - 3 weeks.

Tomorrow they will be replacing the culvert under our drive. It should only take a couple hours but not sure what two hours it will be. They could have it done before we open? or it could be mid day. Wish I could have told you sooner...I just found out late today. My suggestion is to give us a quick call before you venture out and I will try to stay well informed throughout the day.

I'll be in the shop stitching my day away. Stop in and see all the new items soon. We have so much new to share.

Happy Stitching

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