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Hello Fellow* Stitchers

Tomorrow or Today if you are reading this Monday Sept 19th. We will be closed. We are having some long overdue tree work done and much of it is near the driveway.  We will get the drive cleared and everything will be back to normal on Tuesday Sept 20th.

Our first Stitch in will be held this coming Friday and Saturday. So looking forward to this event.  Some have signed up for both days others just Friday or Saturday either way sometimes you just have to take time for yourself. No phone, no tv, dishwasher, cooking, laundry, just fun. I will be calling in our menu totals and getting the final details taken care of Monday if you are one of those last minute ladies don't wait any longer and have regrets this weekend. Call Monday Sept 19th between the hours of 9 - 5 so you wont be feeling left out this weekend.
If you can't make it this weekend but would really like to have some stitching fun maybe Oct. 6th or 7th - 9th would work better for your schedule.  I get to be the quilt shop that shares her wares at Camp Tecumseh this wonderful fall weekend. Join us in Brookston In. (just about an hour from Wabash) for our "You Can camp."  Registration for this camp opens Monday Sept 19th.
You can check out the details here.

Happy Stitching

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