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5" wool charm pack

Needle Felting


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36" Wool Felt Antique White


Clover Felting Needle Mat Large


Clover Pen Style Needle Felting Tool


Rustic Romance


The Wool Collection - beige 44/45'


The Wool Collection - cream


Wistyria Editions Wool Roving 12in Natural/White


Wool 5 Charm Assorted


Wool 5 Charm Holiday


Wool 5 Charm Mustard


Wool 5 Charm Pastel Texture


Wool 5 Charm Raven


Wool 5 Charm Red Grape


Wool F. Qtr. Xmas Red Solid


Wool F.Qtr Pumpkin Glens Plaid


Wool F.Qtr Pumpkin Herringbone


Wool F.Qtr Pumpkin Houndstooth


Wool F.Qtr Pumpkin Solid


Wool F.Qtr Sage Glens Plaid


Wool F.Qtr Sage Herringbone


Wool F.Qtr Sage Solid


Wool F.Qtr Sky Blue HerringBone


Wool F.Qtr Sky Blue Houndstooth


Wool F.Qtr Sky Blue Plaid


Wool F.Qtr Sky Blue Solid


Wool F.Qtr Xmas Herringbone


Wool F.Qtr Xmas Red Glens Plaid


Wool F.Qtr Xmas Red Houndstooth