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Leather Lace Amazing Grace Mult 7401 11 Moda #1

Leather & Lace and Amazing Grace by Cathe Holden
Cathe says Often through the most difficult of times, we summon the courage to be as tough as possible, though in contrast, there are many moments we feel so delicate and frail. My experience through recent breast cancer treatment and my current recovery, I've also felt incredibly blessed in many ways. 

Tough as leather, delicate as lace, but always blessed by Grace.

My "LLAG" fabric collection with its pretty florals, sweet ginghams, vintage needlework, and journal collage has been designed to shine a beautiful light on those who journey through the most difficult experiences, and to the beautiful souls who carry us through. 

Cathe's personal meanings behind everything Cathe included in the collage print 
Buckle  Buckle Up - You've got cancer!  Leather  Toughness   Envelope Supportive letters & cards received, Sewing Machine Card  Beautiful scene/meditational thoughts , Buttons Just Keeping it together  Worn Hankie For the tears  Calendar All those appointments  Lace Fragility  Flower Basket Kind gifts and flowers  Music Sheet Amazing Grace = Blessings found in the journey  Art Studio Card Healing through creativity, designing for Moda  Pharmacist Card Meds, meds, meds! Handle with Care Label Obvious  Millenery Label Loosing hair & wearing beanies & hats for months Bird Card Apple blossoms in Spring = I finished my cancer treatment in the spring. "Kindest Thought"  for all the thoughts and prayers sentiments Postage Stamp Quilt Comfort  Safety Pin/Locker Key the multitude of times I had to undress & store my clothes for tests & treatment.